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Rum, Sodomy and The Lash

No time for sentiment, a wasted life has been spent

If the devil is six, god is seven
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A community that is accepting of self-destruction in all its forms; self-mutilation, drugs, addiction, alcohol, eating-disorders and anything else you care to ruin yourselves with.

general debauchery, decadence etc etc.

don't pretend to be anorexic. we don't care if you're fat, so are we! don't ask stupid questions about drugs just go to erowid or even better, learn by experience.

it's safe to say that most people here are either A)hungry/fat and pissed off B)high/needing drugs and pissed off C) in existential crisis and pissed off or D) bitter, cynical and pissed off so don't be daft just play the game.

If you enjoy the decadent and the decaying and are well aware of the fact that you're fucked and hate being bunched with the attention seeking half-wits, come join.