Tay (the_conclusion) wrote in rumandsodomy,

miss ash, introducing . . .

in the heart of starting anew . . .

Age: 19
Gender: female
Occupation: theif, but legally i'm "unemployed".
General future plan: something having to do with marrying a rich white man who will ignore me a lot.
Country: usa.
Religion: eh . . .
The last book you read: lullabye. chuck palahniuk. stereotypical, eh?
Three good bands: pass.
Drug(s) of choice: anything snortable. and i have a special place in my heart for the occasional shroom.
drink of choice: water?
Smoker or non-smoker: smoker.
Drugs or drink: drugs.
Kinky or Vanilla: depends.
Age you lost virginity: 15.
Sexual orientation: loops around a lot.
Number of sexual partners: can't be certain.
The worst pain you've ever experienced: those stomach cramps you get from hearing your boyfriend fucking another girl in the garage. god, i swear i was bleeding from my mouth.
Things that make you cry: it seems perfectly random. i like it much better like that.
Any mental health issues: i'm collecting things, but i might be a sort of hypochondriac. oh, but the ED is always there.
Favourite way to spend a weekend: drugged.
Worst fear: getting fat, falling in love, having anyone close to me, getting triggered into one of those switched personalities at the wrong moment, etc.
Most treasured possession(s): silky (my blanket).
The best feeling in the world: . . . none?
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and that's all there really is. ;)
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