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Famous Crazies

Eating Disorders:
Fiona Apple
Karen Carpenter
Patty Duke
Jane Fonda
Mary-Kate Olsen
Christina Ricci
Ashlee Simpson
Richey James Edwards of the Manic Street Preachers
Terri Schiavo

Fiona Apple
Kurt Cobain
Johnny Depp
Diana, Princess of Wales
Angelina Jolie
Courtney Love
Marilyn Manson
Iggy Pop
Christina Ricci
Vincent van Gogh
Elizabeth Wurtzel

Harrison Ford
Stephen Hawking
William James
Rudyard Kipling
Abraham Lincoln
Robert Oppenheimer
Donny Osmond
Anne Rice
Bertrand Russell
Anne Sexton
Brooke Shields
James Taylor
Diana, Princess of Wales
Mike Wallace
Brian Wilson
Elizabeth Wurtzel author of Prozac Nation

John Adams
Hans Christian Andersen
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Jeff Buckley
Kurt Cobain
Winston Churchill
Charles Dickens
Patty Duke
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Carrie Fisher
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald
William Faulkner
Alexander Hamilton
Ernest Hemingway
Jimi Hendrix
Kay Redfield Jamison author of An Unquiet Mind
John Keats
Meriwether Lewis
Marilyn Monroe
Ben Moody of Evanescence
Edvard Munch
Isaac Newton
Florence Nightingale
Sylvia Plath
Trent Reznor of NIN
Robert Alexander Schumann
Robert Louis Stevenson
Ben Stiller
Mark Twain
Vincent Van Gogh
Virginia Woolf
Tennessee Williams

Anxiety Disorders:
Kim Basinger
Charles Darwin
Donny Osmond
Sigmund Freud
Barbra Streisand
Florence Nightingale
Howard Stern

Jim Gordon of Derek and the Dominos
John Nash
Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd
Zelda Fitzgerald
Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac

So just remember kidlets, we can't be that fucked.

Coming soon: famous druggies and famous queers!

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