RED MEAT HEART (insidesusan) wrote in rumandsodomy,

Search Party...

It's been asked by a few of us now but I will continue:

Where is Milla/dirtyseed? has anyone heard anything yet?

nimrodel_elight you said you would know something by now, any luck? I've emailed lots but no news, the last few times we spoke were worrying, she was not in a good way.

I'd really just love to know she's ok.
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I know she logged into her MySpace yesterday. I'll send her an email from there also and let you know if she responds.
oh that's great!

thanks for letting me know, it's a weight off my mind
hey sorry, i tried calling her but the phone was off - not disconnected or anything though...will try messaging her sister when i get some credit for my phone. also called a mutual friend but i havent heard back from him so *shrugs*

will let ya know as soon as i hear something though.
Thanks hun xxx